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SkateYou App
The Global Skateboarders' Revolutionary Application.


The unique SkateYou App is available NOW all over the world on both Apple and Android stores and is totally FREE of charge.

SkateYou is all about skateboarding and the pleasure that comes from it. Constantly upgraded, it offers global Skateboarders a platform providing skateboarding features, embracing atmosphere and of course the most exclusive available gear.

The SkateYou App is integrating the most sophisticated modern tools including GPS, Social Media, Camera and is daily updated. It allows the user to create his/her private skate profile, featuring personal high quality videos or photos, trace skating spots all over the world and the amazing opportunity to win high quality and limited edition gear.

Go ride your skateboard and change the world. Participate on-line in the video/photo contest and win CASH and prizes from the top skateboarding brands in the world.

SkateYou is and will always be FREE of charge for the Skaters of the World.

SkateYou is owned and operated strictly by active independent skateboarders.


Not Your Average Skate App.

The largest skateboarding database.
30.000 expanding skate locations worldwide including parks, spots & shops.
The first ever skateboarding navigation system and your best friend if travelling abroad.

Choose the SkateYou contest/s of your preferences and compete for SkateYou coins with skateboarders from all over the world. Upload your photo/s or video/s and start collecting SkateYou coins. Most voted post of each contest earns 10 SkateYou coins. Photo of the day contest is daily and offers 1 SkateYou coin. All other contests are monthly and the SkateYou coins can be traded for the finest skateboarding gear through Awards.

MVP: Most Voted Post of the month earns 50 SkateYou coins
SkateYou Choice: There is nothing you can do here. 50 SkateYou coins to the skater who gave it all regardless his/her votes.

SkateYou currently offers the opportunity to collaborate in order to bring you the highest cash award possible. For business inquiries contact skate@skateyou.com

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The Global Skateboarders' Revolutionary Application


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